Thursday, March 7, 2013

Familys Pictures

You would think that now I cut back to part time I would have tons of time to keep up with blogging all about being a mom etc, but not so much. I just havent been able to figure everything out yet. Maybe its because this little ones seems to always want my undivided attention and to always be held or what, but I am hoping that one day soon I will be able to figure it out. Back in December I really wanted to have some pictures taken of Olivia and get some professional family photos done. My good friend is an AMAZING photographer and she came over one Sunday and we spent the afternoon taking a ton of pictures,. I love how they all turned out and wish that Olivia would have been cooperative for just a bit longer so we could have done more, but I am not complaining. Looking back at these pictures makes me a bit sad, she is growing so fast!! Andrew tells me all the time that she looks exactly the same and is not growing, but I see it. She is becoming more independant each day and her little personality is coming out! I love my little Livey Loo Loo!!! Here are some of the pics

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Baby Olivia

Baby Olivia Hill finally made her arrival into the world on Oct 18, 2012 at 6:49 pm. She could not be more cute and precious. We are loving every minute with her and getting used to the idea of being parents. And man is that an adjustment! I will post about her birth etc later, but for now, its time for some pics! I may be a bit biased but I think she is pretty stinkin cute!
Only an hour old and she is already bright eyed!
She has already mastered holding her pacifier at 2 hours old. Smart girl. :D
Sporting a hat that her Aunt Toriann made her.
Chillin on mom and dad's bed while they get ready.
Oh hey, you talkin to me??
Meeting Great Grandpa for the first time.
Talking a nap in the car seat.
My first Halloween costume, nothing too fancy
Napping on Grandpa's chest
Already 4 weeks old! Where has the time gone?!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Still here......

My mom keeps telling me that the only way she knows what is going on in my life is through my blog. I informed her that our life is pretty boring at the moment and with not having the internet at our house I cant really blog a whole lot. I am still pregnant, 32 weeks and counting. For the most part pregnancy has not been horrible. I was lucky and never had morning sickness, I have only thrown up once the whole time and I think that was due to some bad food. I have been lucky enough to experience the joys of heartburn, oh man I hate that! Especially when it wakes me up at 2 am. But compared to some of my friends who have been sick the entire 9 months I consider myself lucky. The heat has NOT been my friend and I can not wait until it finally starts to cool off. I havent spent much time outside this summer, just going from place to place that is air conditioned. I have started to get the swelling in my hands and feet and putting on regular shoes has become a bit of a challenge some days. If only we were allowed to go bare foot everywhere. :D Andrew is still working hard and counting down the days till we get to meet our princess. Some days I am not sure who is more excited for her, me or him. I can not wait to see the look on his face when he gets to hold her for the first time. It is something that I have been waiting for since we first got married. He is going to be a great daddy! Other than that our life is the same, slowly starting to acquire all of the things that the little one will need and enjoying these last few months as just the two of us.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Well life at the Hill Home has changed a bit these past couple months. If you haven't noticed the side bar pic, we are adding to our little family!!! Baby hill is due mid October. The Doctor is still unsure of my final due date, I have heard 3 different ones so far, all within a week of eachother, so hopefully one day soon we will have a real date. We could not be more thrilled. We have been trying for a baby for almost a year and a half so we consider this to be a true blessing. When people ask if we want a boy or girl, I of course want a sweet little girl so I can dress her up and spoil her rotten. Andrew wants a boy to play with and teach him all about sports. Really when it comes down to it we want a healthy baby and would be happy for either. So for awhile now I have debated about going back to school to get a Master's in Social Work. My husband talked me into to applying to a few schools. That took some time, but I was able to complete them all and then played the waiting game. My hope was to get into a school in Utah, but the only one that I was able to apply to didnt want me, so that was a no go. I applied to two other schools outside of Utah, one fairly close, the other on the East Coast. Well last week I got a letter from the school on the East Coast. It was a thin envelope and when I took it out of the mailbox I knew exactly what it was going to say and I had no intention of openining it. I didnt want to face getting a rejection letter at the moment. Andrew came home from work, say the envelope and immediatly ripped it open. I told him I knew what it said and I didnt want to see it. He started reading the letter and I was TOTALLY SHOCKED!!! I got ACCEPTED! To the University of South Carolina!!! Oh my! I was totally taken back but so happy at the same time. Andrew was thrilled because that ment we would be able to leave Utah, something he has talked about since I met him. Because of being pregnant and my due date I dont know for sure what we are going to do. That is far away from any family and familiarity and I dont know if I can start school and have a baby in the first semester and get used to a completely new environment. I am still waiting to hear back from the other school, UNLV, before we make a final decision. I am hoping to be able to defer for a semester and then start in January, but who knows if that is even a possiblity. So that is our life as of late, we went from boring to multiple things happening but we could not be more excited for these new changes to occur. * I have tried to upload a pic of the baby that we had done at 11 weeks, but I am having some issues.... for now, I will just post a link to facebook. :D!/photo.php?fbid=609863373781&set=a.570926942701.2063254.203002979&type=3&theater

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Still here

So for those of you who check my blog, I promise that we are still alive, I just havent been able to post in a while. We moved at the end of September and decided to save money and not get internet. It was both a good and bad decision.
Nothing much has been going on at the Hill house, lots of work, a few small trips, and some play thrown in when we have some time and energy. I have at least a good 400 plus pictures to upload, maybe one day soon I will be able to do that.
For now we are waiting for spring and cant wait to enjoy the sun!
Until next time......
A picture to look forward to courtesy of Google. Oh how I love google!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just saying

I found this picture on the web and it is totally how I feel, and I am sure there are a few people in my life that feel like the other guy when I have to let of steam... Sorry friends!

So I just have to vent for a minute. There are some nights that I really just dont care for my job or the people that I work with. Granted this is very far and few between, but tonight is one of those nights. I am sick of some people doing whatever the heck they want when they want and not thinking of their coworkers when they are doing such things.
All I ask is that you Please Please Please be considerate of others that you work with. The rest of us have jobs to do and needs that need to be met. You are not the King of the Castle around here. So stop acting like it!
It doesnt help that I am super PMSing at the moment but I am just fed up with this night and am counting down the mins till its over. No if only I would be able to get a lunch...... if the talking ever stops!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacation Time!

So anyone that know us knows that we like to go on vacation, a lot. It doesn't have to be far, or sometimes not even that long. As long as we are away from home for a few days we are satisfied. Every summer since have been together we take a bigger trip, somewhere a little farther from home and more exciting. This year, I wanted to go to a beach. One where I could put my feet in the sand and play in the waves of the ocean. After a lot of looking and planning and researching the best deals, we planned it out. A week and a half of fun in the sun, just the two of us. So off we went to see the sunny sands in California, visit the heat and flashing lights of Vegas, and the sun and small town feel of St George.

Andrew has never been to California so I wanted to make it fun. We were going to go to Disneyland, but we decided to wait until we can take our kids so it would be twice as fun. We stayed in Oceanside, and our hotel was five mins from the beach. It was amazing! On our first night there we went and walked on the pier and then down the beach, dipping our toes in the cold water. We also walked around the shops in downtown Oceanside and found ourselves surrounded by Marines. I guess that happens when we were two miles from Camp Pendelton!! We spent a day in Huntington Beach shopping and playing in the amazing blue water of the beach in Huntington.

On our last day in CA we drove down to San Diego and were able to do a session in the San Diego Temple. It was stunning! Smaller than I expected but it was so pretty. We then went to downtown San Diego and visited the famous Seaport Village.
Seaport village is located in the Bay and is filled with tons of small shops and restaurants bursting with yummy food. I think my favorite part of the village was the $60 that we spent to take a tour around the Sand Diego Bay. The first part of the tour was on the streets of downtown, and then our tour bus turned into a boat and we were out on the water. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen! We were able to see a ton of great things. We were sad to leave the sunny skies of Southern California and warm water of the ocean. We both decided that given the opportunity, we would move to a place near the beach in a heartbeat!

We stopped in Vegas to experience The Freemont street spectacular and to visit with some of our good friends. We stayed at the Golden Nugget. It was a decent hotel, and I loved the swimming pool, probably on the best pools in Vegas. In the middle of the swimming pool was a huge fish tank full of giant fish and even sharks! They also had a slide that went right down the middle of the tank with glass so you could see the fish all around you. There was three different pool decks, and the top level was for adults only. we never made it up there but I am sure it would have been great to be at the pool with no little kids running around! We weren't there very long but enough time to see the lights and the glam, get in some swimming time, and some retail therapy as well.
The last four days of our vacation were spent in St George. We were able to get tickets to see the Little Mermaid at Tuachan. The play was supposed to be the highlight of St George but compared to ones in years past, it was mediocore.
Andrew's Grandparents lived in Enterprise, so we decided that one of the days to take a drive up there and see their old house and drive through the town. We also went to the infamous Veyo pool, where Andrew spent many a summers swimming away. We also did yet more shopping and spent almost an entire day at the pool, and yes we did get burned. Needless to say, we decided it would be best to stay out of the sun the rest of the time. As our vacation came to a close, we were having a hard time wanting to go back to reality. As we were driving back from St George we started talking about where we were going to go on our next vacation and how soon we could go! I know we are crazy!


We took a TON of pics on the trip and blogger takes way to long to post them all individually. I found a site where you can make collages of your photos and post them to your blog. I put them together but when I post them they seem so small! I will leave them up for now, but I am going to keep researching how to make it better so you can actually see all the pics. For now, if you want to see them, go to facebook, and leave a comment. :D Thanks!