Saturday, December 6, 2008

Its Coming!!!

Well folks it is here, the dreaded finals!!! Yikes! Are you ready? Am I ready? I have a feeling that it is going to be a long next couple of weeks. But once its over, there is at least two weeks of semi freedom. I am not gonna lie, I am looking forward to only having to work, no assignments, no nagging teachers, just work. I know, not totally appealing but hey, its better than some.
With finals, other good things become of it, one of my fabulous friends gets to come home for a MONTH after working so hard in law school. I am quite excited for that. I have been in need of a Dan hug for awhile!

It also means that I get to spend some good quality time with family and have moments like these:

I cant tell you how much I love Christmas and all of the fun things that come with it. It is my goal to take lots of pics and document this holiday, because after all, this is the last time my family will be together for awhile. Brothers going to training and missions and who knows what else! Stay tuned for my family holiday fun! :)