Monday, March 30, 2009


So I cant believe that it is already here. In less then 24 hrs, my little brother will board a plane and be on his way to at least 7 months in the remote desert in Iraq! I am so sad!!! He has mixed feelings about the whole things of course, he wants to go and serve his country but he also wants to stay and go to college and on his mission like the rest of his friends. But he is strong, and has learned alot over the last few months and I know that he will be great over there. It will be hard but he can do it, he is strong and willing and will do whatever it takes to defend his country. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I love you Rhina, please be safe and remember who you are!! We will miss you greatly! :D

These were taken when he was in Palms training at a make shift Iraqi village. What a nut case!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fun in Sin City!

I cant believe that it is Friday already!!! I swear it was Monday yesterday. Where did the week go?!?!?! What Andrew said is true, vacation time goes by wayyyyy tooo fast!!! I dont like it all!!! But oh man, it was so much fun! We did so much stuff in the last four days and walked at least 6 miles, maybe more. Poor Andrew got blisters..... sad day! But no worries, he was tough! I wish I could be on vacation forever and ever and never have to be responsible. Maybe one day. But now it is time to get excited for the next adventure, we are thinking NYC in the summer....... hhhhmmmmmmmmm Could be fun!!
Here are a few pics from the trip, more will come soon!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

NO Motivation

So I have been working my hind end off this week trying to get everything done so that when I go on vacation next week I dont have stress about homework the whole time and be able to relax and have a good time. I have worked hard, every single night I have worked on something for a different class. Most of the things I have been working on are papers, busy work if you ask me. I mean really, am I ever going to benefit on writing a paper about the emerging diseases in Africa? I dont think so..... It is now Saturday, my big day to get everything done, and here it is, 1030 in the morning and I have absolutely no motivation what so ever to do anything that has to do with school. My brain feels like it is a puddle of mushy oatmeal and my eyes are so sick of staring at a computer screen they are starting to ache. I dont know if I will make it..... I hope so cause I want to enjoy my vacation!!! AHHHHHH!!! Ok now that I am done complaining I must get back to work. Too bad homework isnt as easy as blogging, man, I would be so good at that! ;) LOL. Everyone go out and enjoy the nice weather for me, I am stuck indoors. :( Boo.

Monday, March 2, 2009

So much for a great weekend.... :(

Weekends are supposed to be great and wonderful and relaxing and care free.... Well I guess I just didnt get lucky this weekend. I decided that I need to add some spice and wreck my car!!! I know I know, I could have done something better than that but you know, I just wanted to create some more stress in my life. ;) As of right now I am not sure as to what exactly happened, I am still waiting on the police report for that one. I got hit at least twice, once on the back and once on the passenger side. Lets just say it doesnt look pretty. But no worries, after much discussion and a threat or two from my boyfriend, I went and got checked out and I am good medically, just sore as all come! BOO! Here are a few pics that I took of my sad little car..... I didnt get one with the bumper fully off, that was the only way we were able to drive it without scrapping metal. I am sad about the whole ordeal, but as many people have said, it is just a car, be grateful that you are alive and well! I wonder what next weekend will bring..... anyone have any suggestions?

The side that is still intact

Poor bumper

Where the semi decided to take a swipe.

There is no window... how sad!