Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well I have survived another week. It hasn't been too bad. Classes ended and all projects, papers, and assignments were due. Now it is onto dreaded finals..... YUCK! But it shouldnt be too bad, at least I dont think so. I just hope that I have studied that right things.
So about my last post........ the guy was interesting. Turns out it was not him that played that joke on me, it was his no so ex wife..... I know that just makes things so much more complicated, and trust me it is, so I wont go into detail. If you care to know please feel free to ask. But I am moving on, there is way too much drama there. Instead I found a guy is the complete opposite. He is drama free and so sweet! We have only been together for about a week but it feels like so much longer, maybe because we have been emailing and what not since September. Anywho, he is fabulous and I must be doing something right because he comes all the way from Park City to see me! Even in the snowy weather. So I consider myself one lucky girl. I will keep you posted on how things work with that. ;)
Well as most of you know, three of my four brothers are in the Marines, and lately it has really hit home how they could be called to war anytime. The youngest of the three is almost done with his specialty training and gets to come home in a week. I cant tell you how excited I am. It makes me sad whenever I hear about those who have loved ones in the military that will not be home for Christmas. I was listening to the radio last night and heard the cutest song sung by a little girl about how her only Christmas wish was to have her dad come home for Christmas. He has been deployed to go fight and all that she wanted was to make her and her mom happy and asked Santa to bring him home. I am not going to lie I almost cried. It was soooo cute! I am trying to find the title and such so I can post it, if anyones knows that I am talking about please let me know, I think it was a bit of a country song....
I went to see a movie last night and one of the previews touched me as well. It is a music video done by 3 doors down talking about the National Guard and serving our country. Its not the Marines but it still means something to me! Here it is, I hope you like it as much as I did.