Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I can not believe that it is almost July. I mean really, where did the summer go? I am not ready to go back to the school life. I really like having nights free to do whatever I want. But one more semester and i will be done! Hooray for that! The past couple of weeks have felt like I have been going and going and have not had time to stop, but that is the way I like it. Always haveing something to do etc. Our first stop was to go see Kelly Clarkson when she came to UVU. Andrew is not a huge fan of her but he came with me because I asked him to and he is willing to please. It rained on and off throughout the concert and we ended up sliding down the hill multiple times during the concert, but it was all worth it. I mean paying $15 to see a concert in the park from a former Idol, we made it fun!

I was able to go with my boy Andrew to see the Mormon Miracle Pagent down in Manti. I have only been a handful of times but I love it each time I go. Andrew had never been so it was fun to take him and see his reaction to it all. We had some good food and fun and enjoyed ourselves. His reaction when it was over was that it was good, a bit long but interesting. He wants to make it a traditon to go back everywhere and see it.

We were also able to take my little brother and sister to see an Owlz game. They had some free tickets from their school for reading a certain amount of pages over the school year. We had fun cheering for the team and trying to catch fly balls. We got caught up in one of the many rain storms that night but we were tough and stayed for the whole game. Too bad we lost, but hey, we still had fun!
Saturday we were invited to go to a demolition derby in Wesdt Jordan with some of Andrew's friends. Now I have been to rodeo's and what not, but never a demolition derby, so I was not sure what to expect. Andrew told me I was in for a real treat and he was sure that I would enjoy it. Boy was he right! I loved watching the cars crash into eachother. It was AMAZING!!! I want to make a car and enter, I think it would be a blast. Andrew didnt think that was the greatest idea..... Apparently I am too delicate to do something like that. Boo for that! :(

Our last stop after a fun filled weekend was to go to the Draper Temple. Andrew has a goal to get a picture of all 13 temples in Utah on his phone. So far we have about half, we are making plans to visit more. I love the Draper temple, it is beautiful set up on the hill. It looks radiant at night, glowing against the mtns. We have been lucky enough to go to both temple open houses that have taken place this summer. I feel so lucky to be able to have so many temples so close and to be able to share those special experiences with those that mean so much to me.

I just have to say that Andrew is amazing. He puts up with way too much, yet he never complains. He still loves me despite my constant mood swings and spouts of irritability. He stands by me no matter what and accepts me for me. I love him! I am a bit nervous..... We are taking a road trip to Texas to see some sites, but mostly so that I can meet his parents. I have already met one of his sisters and I was super nervous for that but it turned out just fine, she told me that I was invited to come back anytime I wanted and would always have a place to stay. Andrew has told me that I have nothing to worry about that his parents are just like him, only 40 years older..... but still, I am a worrier and I will continue to worry until I meet them. I hope and pray that it will all go well and I will be approved. So wish me luck! :) I will keep ya posted.

I posted a slideshow below from some of the past events. Sorry the pics are blurry.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

NYC and life

Sorry I have not posted pics of NYC, we took over 600 and that is alot to weed through..... so one day when I get a bit of time maybe I will post a few, not that anyone cares about them. So who knows. Life is good, I miss being on vacation, but I guess we all have to be reponsible. The summer seems to be flying by, I cant believe that it is already the middle of June. Before you know it, it will be time to go back to school, something that I am dreading like no other! :( I dont live sitting at a desk all day, but at the same time I like have my nights free to do whatever I please.
Family life has been a bit crazy lately, all of my brothers have managed to find girls and one of them even thinks he is in love. Boy he may be in for a big shock here soon, silly boys. As much as I hate to admit it, I do miss them, all three of them. I think of them often and get teary eyed whenever I see anything about soliders or war. I cant wait till they are all back home safe and sound. My parents are doing the best they can not to worry about them, but I know that deep down they feel that same way as me. The three kids still at home are giving my parents a run for their money. You think things would have settled down after 4 of us left, not a chance there! ;) My dad is counting down the days till school starts again and he can have some peace and quiet. My family is crazy, but I sure do love em!
I love being able to hang out with my boy, he is the love of my life and is so amazing! He makes me want to be a better person and I love the time that we get to be together. We usually dont do a whole lot of exciting things, but we still manage to have tons of fun. He knows how to make me laugh and knows what to say to make me feel better. We have been together for about 6 and a half months and they have been the best ever. I hope and pray that every girl will be able to find an amazing guy like him that will make them happy and treat them right. We all deserve it.
For all of you that read this, thanks, you are great, I love you all and dont know where I would be today with out you! Please keep in touch, comment or something and let me know how life is going! Until next time.......

Here are a few of my fav pics from the trip, enjoy!