Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ummm Yummy?!?!?

Made this for dessert tonight..... I think it is looking pretty freakin amazing... Just sayin' :)

The Holidays at the Hill home

So much for posting my thankful things every week. I swear every year November and December pass by so quick it is crazy! I cant believe that Christmas is this week. We have had fun spending time with family and doing the traditional thins that happen around the holidays.
This being our first holiday season as married couple, we have had fun doing things together and starting our own holiday traditions. A tradition that we have in my family is to put the Christmas decorations up the day after Christmas so you can enjoy them for as long as possible. Well since the busiest time of the year happens to be that week for Andrew at work we had to put it up a bit earlier, but I was not complaining at all! We bought a few more decorations this year and went to town. This is a pic of our cute little tree and the lights that we hung in the kitchen.

Andrew LOVES all sports. Thank goodness that we had ESPN so he can watch college football, basketball, and keep track of how his Cowboys and Mavericks are doing in their games. He has hinted for a long time that he would really like to go to Jazz game, even though they are not his favorite team, he would still like to go. So I scoured the web for the best deal and found some great lower bowl tickets to the Jazz/Maverick game. I told him to make sure he had the day off and we were going to have a day of fun. He tried for weeks to get me to tell him what we were doing but I would not budge. The day of the game we slept in, cuddled and watched some TV and then went out to lunch. We spent some time at the gateway and went shopping and then, on to the game! He guessed what it was a few days before but didnt tell me he knew until that night. But hey, at least he was guessing for most of the time. :) Here are some picks from the game. Sadly the Jazz lost, but dont worry, he was not sad as his team won.

We also went to see the lights downtown. It is something that I have done every year since I was a little girl and I have loved going the last three years with Andrew creating our own tradition. My favorite is going to the top of the Joseph Smith building and looking at all of the lights. We tried to get into one of the restaurants up there for dinner, but the wait was 3 hours! Yikes! Andrew promised we could some other time when it was not so dang busy! Again, some more pics of fun times!

Well thats all for now, we are both still working full time, loving being married and trying hard to save for a house. Maybe one day........
Oh and I finally decided I was sick of growing my hair out and chopped it off.... please excuse the scary look, it was late at night, I was tired and in a silly mood.