Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ummm Yummy?!?!?

Made this for dessert tonight..... I think it is looking pretty freakin amazing... Just sayin' :)

The Holidays at the Hill home

So much for posting my thankful things every week. I swear every year November and December pass by so quick it is crazy! I cant believe that Christmas is this week. We have had fun spending time with family and doing the traditional thins that happen around the holidays.
This being our first holiday season as married couple, we have had fun doing things together and starting our own holiday traditions. A tradition that we have in my family is to put the Christmas decorations up the day after Christmas so you can enjoy them for as long as possible. Well since the busiest time of the year happens to be that week for Andrew at work we had to put it up a bit earlier, but I was not complaining at all! We bought a few more decorations this year and went to town. This is a pic of our cute little tree and the lights that we hung in the kitchen.

Andrew LOVES all sports. Thank goodness that we had ESPN so he can watch college football, basketball, and keep track of how his Cowboys and Mavericks are doing in their games. He has hinted for a long time that he would really like to go to Jazz game, even though they are not his favorite team, he would still like to go. So I scoured the web for the best deal and found some great lower bowl tickets to the Jazz/Maverick game. I told him to make sure he had the day off and we were going to have a day of fun. He tried for weeks to get me to tell him what we were doing but I would not budge. The day of the game we slept in, cuddled and watched some TV and then went out to lunch. We spent some time at the gateway and went shopping and then, on to the game! He guessed what it was a few days before but didnt tell me he knew until that night. But hey, at least he was guessing for most of the time. :) Here are some picks from the game. Sadly the Jazz lost, but dont worry, he was not sad as his team won.

We also went to see the lights downtown. It is something that I have done every year since I was a little girl and I have loved going the last three years with Andrew creating our own tradition. My favorite is going to the top of the Joseph Smith building and looking at all of the lights. We tried to get into one of the restaurants up there for dinner, but the wait was 3 hours! Yikes! Andrew promised we could some other time when it was not so dang busy! Again, some more pics of fun times!

Well thats all for now, we are both still working full time, loving being married and trying hard to save for a house. Maybe one day........
Oh and I finally decided I was sick of growing my hair out and chopped it off.... please excuse the scary look, it was late at night, I was tired and in a silly mood.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chocolate, heaters, and love

So I have been falling a bit behind, working too many hours and not getting enough sleep. This past week I am thankful for a heater to sit next to when it is freezing outside!!! We bought a new couch last week and it is so nice to come home from a long day of taking care of sick kids and sit on a nice comfortable couch with a warm blanket and a cute cuddle buddy.
I am thankful for hot showers, lots of holiday chocolates, and plungers.(Another story for another day.....) As we are nearing thanksgiving I find myself being more thankful for the little things in life. I love it!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hard Times

Working at a Children's hospital, I feel like I see it all. We see the little cuts and colds that come in and then we see the super sick kids that are barely hanging on to life. Whenever I help care for one of those super sick kids it always makes me stop and think about how greatful I am for my life and my health. Tonight on my shift we happen to have one of those really sick kiddos come in. This little patient was hit by a car and hanging on for dear life. Watching them roll in the doors with mom and grandma following in tears, it made my heart break. I didnt even know these people and my heart went out to them and I wanted to sit with them and give them hugs and mourn with them. Sadly, this sweet litle child did not end up making it through the night. I happen to pass one of the family members in the ICU and could see the sadness on their face. Oh how I wanted to just sit down and cry!

I am SO thankful for my health, to have the knowledge about how to treat others who are hurt and to make their day better. To be able to work with so many great and caring nurses and doctors who do everything in their power to make out sweet little kiddos better. I love my job, but I really, really dread those days when things like this happen. It makes it hard to come back.

I am thankful to be alive, and to be where I am at in my life.
My challenge to all who read this, take a minute in your life, stop what you are doing, and just take a moment to enjoy what you have in your life and all you have been blessed with. It will make you appreciate life more, I promise!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A New Season

Its already November, where did the summer go?? Halloween has ended and now it is time to celebrate the good holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! I am excited to have someone one to celebrate with this year. Even though we will both have to work alot the next few months I am still excited to do some of the fun stuff that comes with the holidays.

It being the month to give thanks, I am going to make a goal to try and post at least once a week about the things that I am thankful for. This week I am thankful for lots of things.
I am thankful for the wonderful man that I am proud to call my husband, the time that we are able to spend together and the many chances that we have to make our relationship stronger.
I am thankful for the freedoms that I have in this country, for the opportunity to do so many things and not be judged.
I am thankful for fall weather, for changing colors and cooler temps.
I am thankful for being alive!

Until next week, a pic of my cute hubs, he is pretty cute.....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

(Picture found online from Bakeralla.com, if you like cupcakes, you should totally check out her site! I am in LOVE with it!)

I totally went and bought this today. It was my favorite as a little girl. I LOVE the music!! Sadly all of the good stuff is on the Blue ray discs but all the same, I can still watch the original movie and sing along! What a great way to spend a Saturday, watching my favorite childhood movie, doing laundry, making choc chip cookies and just relaxing!! Love it!!

I promise to update about our life soon, not that anyone cares what goes on, but I need to have something to show our kids one day! ;) lol

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Texas or Bust

Texas is hot, really hot, and makes you nicey and smelly and sticky all the time. But it also makes you gold brown and thankful for air conditioning. It seems to me that there are some things that almost everyone who lives in Texas has. A riding lawn mower to mow their HUGE yards, chairs and benches to sit on the porch at night and enjoy the view, and mini lakes in their yard. Ok, so maybe not the last one, but there were still a TON! We spent a week on vacation in Texas visiting family and enjoying the sites and sounds of the great state of Texas. We spent 2 days with Andrew's family going through some of his childhood things and catching up. We were able to go to the town where he went to high school and the house that he lived in. Take a look at this house, the basketball hoop that he put up when he was a kid is still there!

As we were going through his boxes of old stuff we found some intersting things. He had a HUGE sports card collection, probably at least a 1000 cards or more. His mom also kept alot of his ribbons and trophies from different sporting events that he was in as a kid. I was going through one of the boxes and even found some old love letters from a girl he dated after high school. Very intersting...... I think my favorite thing that we found was his old letter man jacket. He didnt really want to keep it so we took a couple pics of it to preserve the memory. I think I married quite a stud, what do you think?

We spent a day at Six Flags, and man, it was so stinkin hot!! We got to the park just after it opened and it was already pretty busy. We were able to ride most of the rides that we had interest in, and in between we enjoyed the misters that were placed around the park. They were pure heaven!! The best ride, at least in my opinion, was the very last one that we went on. Its not much of a ride, its more of a way to cool off. The ride is a simple get in the car, go up a ramp, around the corner, and down a big hill and your done. But its in water! We got pretty wet after the hill. But the best part is after you get off the ride. You can stand on a bridge at the bottom of the hill and get splashed. We decided to do it since we were leaving and were already hot and sweaty and gross. And boy did we get drenched. It was great except for the fact that I was wearing white pants! But oh well, it was all worth it! Here is a pic of the bridge getting splashed.

We also went to the water park that is in Dallas, and man it felt good to be in the water. Of course we didnt take many pics there bc I just didnt want to ruin my camera. ;) But we did go down a fair amount of slides, one that was super high and I almost peed my pants! But it was all worth it in the end.

We stayed in a town called Rockwall, it's about 30 or so miles outside of Dallas. Its a nice town full of shops, yummy restaurants and shopping! We had some good ice cream, steak, and waffles while there. There is also a large man made lake that is on teh border of the town. We spent one night playing in the water and watching people on boats and other water toys. This is me looking over the water, trying to be a model..... (ok not really, Andrew took the pic and I didnt know it)

Here is Andrew pretending to take a dive. Silly boy.

There is also a little lake house on one of the docks, it was a great pic with the sun setting, so romantic..... if there had not been teenagers making out beside us.

Other things that we did on the trip, driving, visiting the Dallas temple, Walked around the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, touring the Holocaust Museum, driving, going to Medevil times for dinner and a show, driving, swimming, did I mention driving? All in all we put 3500 miles on my car and probably drove at least 50 possibly 60 hours during a one week period. Way too much time to be in a car! But it was all worth it! Here a few more pics from the trip.

Monday, May 31, 2010

My Memorial Day Tribute

As I was laying in bed last night listening to my husband snore softly beside me, my mind started to wander. On the news they talked of how Memorial Day is a day to remember those we have lost and how we are supposed to honor them and all they did in their life. As my mind wandered I had a little memorial service of my own in my head, remembering people that have touched my life in some way or other in the past couple of years. I would like to share a little about each of them, my Memorial Day tribute.

First there is a girl that I met while I was in college, she made such a huge difference in my life. We became fast friends as we were both away from home in a town where we didnt know many people. We were in the same ward and started hanging out when we had free time. We hit if off instantly and we decided that we should just room together since we had so much fun together. We made many memories over that first summer. Shared lots of ice cream and no bake cookies. talked about boys and love and worked on our tans by the pool. We continued to be close even after we moved back up North and she got married and I continued going to school. I was able to go to her wedding and it was a joy to see her marry her best friend.
A pic from her wedding

She lives in Ogden working as a nurse and raising her cute little girl. We have tried to stay in touch over the years and see each other about once a year, but I am trying to be better at that. Nat you are great and I am so lucky that I am able to call you my friend. I am working on being a better one and hope to see you soon!

Another person that has made a big impact in my life is a boy, or rather a young man who ment a lot to me in my life at one time and taught my a lot of life lessons and a lot about myself and what it is that I wanted out of life. We will call this person Max. Max was a boy that I met online and we became fast friends talking over the phone and emailing back and forth as we lived on different ends of the state. We were able to meet during one of my summers down in Dixie and we hit if off great. We instantly thought we were in love and started to talk about the future right away. Little did I know that this boy would take me and my heart on a long roller coaster with more down hills than up. To make a long story short, we dated and broke up more times in a 12 month period than more people ever should. During one break up he got married, I know, hard to believe, but I felt bad and took him back after his divorce... But even through all of this I learned a very important lesson, never, never, NEVER settle for anything less just because it seems good at the time. I thought at the time that I could change for him and be happy with the person I was when I was with him, but after a lot of heartache and long talks with some good friends I realized that it just wasnt ment to be. I said goodbye to this boy named Max, and tried to end it on a good note. I ended up mailing him a letter thanking him for the relationship that we had had together and telling him that I hoped he would be able to find something in life to make him happy. It was hard to end but I knew in the end that it was for the best. Max helped me to become a better personal advocate for myself and never settle for less. Thank you Max.

I have two great friends that I met at my previous job that have been there for me the past few years. We have shared love, laughter, tears, and joys together. We can talk about anything and loved sitting on the grass on a work break and talking about nothing in particular, just enjoyed being together. They were with my when I feel in love and had my heart broken more than once. They were there to pick up the pieces and tell me that it would get better and there was someone else out there for me that was much better and really truely deserved my love. They helped me plan my wedding and were there with my through it all. Sadly I dont see them as often anymore as I now work elsewhere, but I try to keep in touch. These two sisters mean so much to me and I hope that they know how much they have helped me in my life. I cant wait to get together with them again soon and continue making great memories. Megan and Hannah are the best around!!

I had a roommate right before I got married that was a lifesaver for me. She helped me through it all, getting through dreadful classes, dealing with stupid boys, and so much more. She was a great listener and knew when to offer advice and when to listen. I dont know what I would have done without her during my last two years of college. She shared my new excitement when I met a new boy and cried with me when it didnt work out. We both recently graduated and were able to share of the joys of finally being done. She is one great lady and I hope and pray that life with work out for her and she will be able to do what she has a passion for and find a great guy to do it with her. Haleh you are GREAT!

My family is amazing. That is all I have to say. Dont know where I would be without the, today. They have been there through it all and have never doubted me. Thank you for all that you do!!!

And last but not least, the one person that has made my life absolutely great the past year and a half that I have known him. He is my best friend. He has been there through thick and thin, gave me a shoulder to cry on, wiped my tears and made me laugh. Cooked me dinner and cleaned up after, vaccumed and cleaned the house when he knows I am stressed, rubs my back when I sleep, cuddles with me on the couch and deals with a sleeping arm because he doesnt have the heart to wake me, always lets me have what I wants, loves me for me and does not want me to change. He is great and I dont really remember what life was like before I met him. Our relationship started out a bit different but as it has progressed it has been great. I wouldnt change one minute of it! I cant wait to continue to travel the world, laugh, and have a family with this man. He is my world!! I love you Andrew T Hill, you rock my world!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Season, New job, New Chapter in life

It's April and spring is nearing us soon, ( I hope.... ;) Life is good around the Hill house. Andrew is still working hard in Park City and loves his job most days. He is the favorite boss at his work, so I guess that is something to be proud of. He is hoping to move up in the chain of command in the next few months, so keep your fingers crossed that all goes well.

I am loving married life. I love coming home to my own place to just one roommate, my lover and being able to do whatever I want! I love being a housewife, keeping things clean and decorating my walls and making lots of good food! I have been obsessed with both food and craft blogs and cant wait to make all of the fun and yummy things that I have found. Andrew quite enjoys my obsession, he gets to reap the many beneifts of it. ;) For example, today I had the day off so I was determined to make homemade bread. Not only is it cheaper in the long run, it smells so good!! Well I am happy to report that I did it and the bread turned out great! I cant wait to use it for sandwiches this week!

So I started a new job this last week..... it is going to be a big change. Instead of working five days a week for 9-10 hrs a day staring at a comp, I get to work here:

As a Critical Care tech. It is a CNA job but I also get to do things like draw labs, start IV's, put in catheters, do EKGs, and a bunch of other stuff. I have had two days of orientation on the floor and I love it so far! I cant wait to be able to do it all on my own in the next few months. I am sad to be leaving my other job, I worked with alot of great people, but I was ready for a change. I am excited to work with kids and the staff of the ED and gain a ton of new experiences.

We are excited for spring to come, both of us our sick of sitting inside looking at all of the gross snow on the ground. We have a trip planned for the end of this month to go spend some time in the sun down south. Other than that, we are living life day to day and love being together. These next few months are going to be a bit crazy with weddings and birthdays etc, but it means more family time so I am excited for that!
Here is a pic I found on google of spring.... oh how I cant wait till it looks like this out my window!!! :D

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The married life ;)

The first month as been fun, we have gotten pretty much all moved in and we are just hanging out. Nothing too exciting to report over here. I finally found my camera cord so here are some pics from the honeymoon and such. Sorry its just alot of pics.... I am not in the mood to write.. we went to Vegas and St George and the Sundance film festival. Enjoy!