Sunday, April 22, 2012


Well life at the Hill Home has changed a bit these past couple months. If you haven't noticed the side bar pic, we are adding to our little family!!! Baby hill is due mid October. The Doctor is still unsure of my final due date, I have heard 3 different ones so far, all within a week of eachother, so hopefully one day soon we will have a real date. We could not be more thrilled. We have been trying for a baby for almost a year and a half so we consider this to be a true blessing. When people ask if we want a boy or girl, I of course want a sweet little girl so I can dress her up and spoil her rotten. Andrew wants a boy to play with and teach him all about sports. Really when it comes down to it we want a healthy baby and would be happy for either. So for awhile now I have debated about going back to school to get a Master's in Social Work. My husband talked me into to applying to a few schools. That took some time, but I was able to complete them all and then played the waiting game. My hope was to get into a school in Utah, but the only one that I was able to apply to didnt want me, so that was a no go. I applied to two other schools outside of Utah, one fairly close, the other on the East Coast. Well last week I got a letter from the school on the East Coast. It was a thin envelope and when I took it out of the mailbox I knew exactly what it was going to say and I had no intention of openining it. I didnt want to face getting a rejection letter at the moment. Andrew came home from work, say the envelope and immediatly ripped it open. I told him I knew what it said and I didnt want to see it. He started reading the letter and I was TOTALLY SHOCKED!!! I got ACCEPTED! To the University of South Carolina!!! Oh my! I was totally taken back but so happy at the same time. Andrew was thrilled because that ment we would be able to leave Utah, something he has talked about since I met him. Because of being pregnant and my due date I dont know for sure what we are going to do. That is far away from any family and familiarity and I dont know if I can start school and have a baby in the first semester and get used to a completely new environment. I am still waiting to hear back from the other school, UNLV, before we make a final decision. I am hoping to be able to defer for a semester and then start in January, but who knows if that is even a possiblity. So that is our life as of late, we went from boring to multiple things happening but we could not be more excited for these new changes to occur. * I have tried to upload a pic of the baby that we had done at 11 weeks, but I am having some issues.... for now, I will just post a link to facebook. :D!/photo.php?fbid=609863373781&set=a.570926942701.2063254.203002979&type=3&theater