Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Freedom

I know I am a bit late with a patriotic post but I was sitting at work and thinking how I miss my brothers today. They are all off serving in different parts of the world fighting for our freedom in this country. I think it is kind of sad that the troops are only thanked once a year, on Independance Day. I mean I can not complain, at least people remember them, but why is it so seldom? We would not be where we are today or have the rights and freedom to be ourselves without them and all they do. I am ashamed to think that I once never thought much about soliders and what not serving in the war etc. I felt sad for those families that lost loved ones or had to do without fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters for years at a time, but then I got over it and moved on with my life. Now that I have 3 brothers in the service it seems to hit a little more close to home. When I hear of a bombing in Iraq I wonder if my brother was close to it. If he knew the soliders that we injured or killed. When I hear of soliders that have dedicted their life to serving this country and die in the process it makes me cry and wonder if one of my brothers might end up being like that. I hope and pray every day for their safety and well being. I ask that we all take a little more time, not every day but at least more than once a year to think of those who have given time out of their lives to fight for us to keep our freedom. Have you thanked a solider today???

Here are a few pics of my brothers.

This is the three of them after church along with another Marine serving from our ward.

Thayne having way too much fun on the ride around the town. He is stationed in Iraq.

Have you thanked a solider today???

Brock hanging out. He is stationed in Japan for the next 2 years.