Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some respect please?!

I love my job, I really do, I promise. But sometimes I really really dont care for some of the people that I work with. I work at a hospital where we see all types of patients and work with all types of people. Most of those people I can handle, but there are some that I would rather jump off a cliff then work with. And then there are those people who dont come to our unit very often, usually only for a short time, a month or two and think they know everything about anything that comes their way. It drives me BONKERS!!!! I want to tell them to get off their high horse and listen to those around them as we know our stuff as well, maybe not as good, but still we know what we are talking about. I was talking to my husband the other day after a bad night at work and told him something that I believe to be so true. When you are a visiting staff memeber on our unit, it would be in ones best interest to not be rude or offend the techs and nurses that you are working with. If you do so, you will regert it for as long as you are on that unit. This is so true. The nurses and techs are the heart of the unit, we do so much and yet at times we are treated like dirt. Eventhough we are the lowest on the food chain, does not mean we are dumb. Have some respect will ya, we are trying just as hard as you to make those that come see us to feel better. It is all about RESPECT people!

*Three posts in one day, its all for you Nat! ;) lol

Cellulite and Tan Lines

So I quite enjoy the season of summer, for alot of reasons. One no longer has to wear pants, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, or shoes that conceal pretty painted toes. But at the same time, summer brings out some crazy attire and a lot of skin that should be kept hidden.

My least fav part of summer, is wanting to enjoy a nice afternoon by the pool, but then you have to stare at this all day:

(Pic found courtesy of Google images)
I tell you what, I am NOT a FAN!

Case in point. We were in Vegas this last weekend enjoying the warm sun and some time to relax. Now I am a people watcher, and Vegas is the perfect place to do just that. We stayed at a hotel to the south of the strip that is a pretty decent hotel for the price we paid in Vegas. As soon as we got there, we checked in and decided to hit the pool. It was busy, but not too bad for a weekend.
As we were getting settled on our chairs at the pool I took an interst in the lady across the way from me. She looked to be in her late 50s possibly eary 60s. Her hair was dyed a dark brown color and she was constantly applying lipstick and checking to make sure her makeup looked ok. As I looked more closely I saw that she had the straps of her swimsuit pulled off her shoulders and tucked under her arms to avoid getting any lines. Now dont get me wrong, I dont like lines either, but from the looks of it, this was not this woman's first trip to the pool this season. Her skin was a dark brown and looked as if it would feel like leather. Between that and the fact that she had a swimsuit on that was two sizes two small made me want to loose my lunch. And she was not the only one, it just kept getting better.

Now I am not saying that I have the perfect body but I am one that is pretty self conscious about that I look like in a bathing suit. But to each their own I guess.
Oh summer, you bring so many intersting things

Springtime is Here!!

So I was talking to an old friend the other day and asking how she was etc and what was new in her life. After we discussed our various things going on she told me that the only way she feels like she can keep up with people is through their blogs, and then she told me that I was slacking in that area. I tried to tell her that nothing really exciting ever happens in my life, but she didnt take that answer very well. So here you are Nat, our life as of late.

In the last month of April and beinning of May we had three birthdays, my dad, my brother, and my hubby. I talked my mom into having an all in one celebration to get it all done at one time. My mom made a great dinner and I was in charge of the cake. I made the cake that I posted about a few months ago but I used strawberry jam and fresh strawberries between the cake layers. It was a HIT. I sure do love spending time with my family. Too bad they all dont live close, I miss my bro in CA. :(
I took a bunch of pics that night but most of them turned out weird, but here a few of my favorites.

The three birthday boys. Of course none of them would be serious for the pic.

All the Arbon girls. Love them to death!

My cute brother and his wife. I sure love these two!

My parents are the best in the world! So surprised that my mom let me take her pic. Doesnt happen very often. I love that they are matching too, makes them look so cute.

May 2nd was Andrew's birthday and we both took the day off to relax and have some fun. There is a new restaurant that opened not far from our apartment so we thought it would be great to try for a birthday breakfast. It is a small little place that is made to look like you are eating inside of a cabin. The service was good and the food even better. When we left we felt like we didnt need to eat again for a week!

We decided to try a new place for Andrew's birthday breakfast and it was a good choice!

We got our food and suddenly realized we had ALOT of food to eat.

Both of our plates were full of tons of food!!

He finished the massive plate of food, and boy was it good!

After out HUGE meal we decided to enjoy the nice weather and go to the Tulip Festival. It never disappoints. I could spend all day there every day just enjoying all of the color. We have went the past couple of years and always take a ton of pics. So I only posted a few of them.

I love flowers. I cant wait to have a house of my own so I can have a huge flower garden!

More flowers

So I really like the pics that photographers take of a couple's rings when they get married. I figured I would try my hand at it since I had the perfect setting, flowers! What do you think?

Here is another ring pic. I think we took about fifty in all with our rings, too bad only about a fourth of them worked out. :(

I found this in one of the shops at the Tulip Festival. It has nothing to do with flowers but I really do LOVE marshmallows. I tried to talk my husband into letting my buy it, but since I could not persuade him, I took a pic instead. One day I will make one of my own.

So my husband really, really, really, really, REALLY loves to eat out. And at times, so do I. I have a friend who lives in downtown and is always trying new places out. So I tend to follow if she gives good reviews. We have not been disappointed. We went to an italian shop/store near Pioneer Park the other day and the sandwiches were massive! As we were leaving we could smell something amazingly good. And then we found this place. We have already been twice.
It is sooo good and we cant wait to go again!

This is what Andrew ordered. It's called the Machine Gun. It is two sausage dogs buried in a bun under a heap of fries and sauce. He devoured it up!

This is my favorite, a crispy belgin waffle covered in chocolate and sugar crystals. Oh it was sooooo good! Even better is the plate with two crispy waffles with chocolate melted in the middle and then drizzled on top. HEAVEN!

For Conference weekend we went down to St Geroge to get out of the cold and just relax. And we just got back yesterday from a weekend there.
We pretty much LOVE going to St George for weekend getaways. On this trip we took a drive out to the new airport that is in the middle of no where. We even found that the highway ended. Crazy!

So that is our life. Nothing too extreme, we like food, flowers, and being in the sun. We both got a decent sunburn this weekend and cant wait to get even more as the summer gets closer. We have a long vacation planned for later this summer and I cant wait! Unitl then, the Hills are signing out!