Monday, March 2, 2009

So much for a great weekend.... :(

Weekends are supposed to be great and wonderful and relaxing and care free.... Well I guess I just didnt get lucky this weekend. I decided that I need to add some spice and wreck my car!!! I know I know, I could have done something better than that but you know, I just wanted to create some more stress in my life. ;) As of right now I am not sure as to what exactly happened, I am still waiting on the police report for that one. I got hit at least twice, once on the back and once on the passenger side. Lets just say it doesnt look pretty. But no worries, after much discussion and a threat or two from my boyfriend, I went and got checked out and I am good medically, just sore as all come! BOO! Here are a few pics that I took of my sad little car..... I didnt get one with the bumper fully off, that was the only way we were able to drive it without scrapping metal. I am sad about the whole ordeal, but as many people have said, it is just a car, be grateful that you are alive and well! I wonder what next weekend will bring..... anyone have any suggestions?

The side that is still intact

Poor bumper

Where the semi decided to take a swipe.

There is no window... how sad!