Thursday, July 22, 2010

Texas or Bust

Texas is hot, really hot, and makes you nicey and smelly and sticky all the time. But it also makes you gold brown and thankful for air conditioning. It seems to me that there are some things that almost everyone who lives in Texas has. A riding lawn mower to mow their HUGE yards, chairs and benches to sit on the porch at night and enjoy the view, and mini lakes in their yard. Ok, so maybe not the last one, but there were still a TON! We spent a week on vacation in Texas visiting family and enjoying the sites and sounds of the great state of Texas. We spent 2 days with Andrew's family going through some of his childhood things and catching up. We were able to go to the town where he went to high school and the house that he lived in. Take a look at this house, the basketball hoop that he put up when he was a kid is still there!

As we were going through his boxes of old stuff we found some intersting things. He had a HUGE sports card collection, probably at least a 1000 cards or more. His mom also kept alot of his ribbons and trophies from different sporting events that he was in as a kid. I was going through one of the boxes and even found some old love letters from a girl he dated after high school. Very intersting...... I think my favorite thing that we found was his old letter man jacket. He didnt really want to keep it so we took a couple pics of it to preserve the memory. I think I married quite a stud, what do you think?

We spent a day at Six Flags, and man, it was so stinkin hot!! We got to the park just after it opened and it was already pretty busy. We were able to ride most of the rides that we had interest in, and in between we enjoyed the misters that were placed around the park. They were pure heaven!! The best ride, at least in my opinion, was the very last one that we went on. Its not much of a ride, its more of a way to cool off. The ride is a simple get in the car, go up a ramp, around the corner, and down a big hill and your done. But its in water! We got pretty wet after the hill. But the best part is after you get off the ride. You can stand on a bridge at the bottom of the hill and get splashed. We decided to do it since we were leaving and were already hot and sweaty and gross. And boy did we get drenched. It was great except for the fact that I was wearing white pants! But oh well, it was all worth it! Here is a pic of the bridge getting splashed.

We also went to the water park that is in Dallas, and man it felt good to be in the water. Of course we didnt take many pics there bc I just didnt want to ruin my camera. ;) But we did go down a fair amount of slides, one that was super high and I almost peed my pants! But it was all worth it in the end.

We stayed in a town called Rockwall, it's about 30 or so miles outside of Dallas. Its a nice town full of shops, yummy restaurants and shopping! We had some good ice cream, steak, and waffles while there. There is also a large man made lake that is on teh border of the town. We spent one night playing in the water and watching people on boats and other water toys. This is me looking over the water, trying to be a model..... (ok not really, Andrew took the pic and I didnt know it)

Here is Andrew pretending to take a dive. Silly boy.

There is also a little lake house on one of the docks, it was a great pic with the sun setting, so romantic..... if there had not been teenagers making out beside us.

Other things that we did on the trip, driving, visiting the Dallas temple, Walked around the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, touring the Holocaust Museum, driving, going to Medevil times for dinner and a show, driving, swimming, did I mention driving? All in all we put 3500 miles on my car and probably drove at least 50 possibly 60 hours during a one week period. Way too much time to be in a car! But it was all worth it! Here a few more pics from the trip.