Monday, May 31, 2010

My Memorial Day Tribute

As I was laying in bed last night listening to my husband snore softly beside me, my mind started to wander. On the news they talked of how Memorial Day is a day to remember those we have lost and how we are supposed to honor them and all they did in their life. As my mind wandered I had a little memorial service of my own in my head, remembering people that have touched my life in some way or other in the past couple of years. I would like to share a little about each of them, my Memorial Day tribute.

First there is a girl that I met while I was in college, she made such a huge difference in my life. We became fast friends as we were both away from home in a town where we didnt know many people. We were in the same ward and started hanging out when we had free time. We hit if off instantly and we decided that we should just room together since we had so much fun together. We made many memories over that first summer. Shared lots of ice cream and no bake cookies. talked about boys and love and worked on our tans by the pool. We continued to be close even after we moved back up North and she got married and I continued going to school. I was able to go to her wedding and it was a joy to see her marry her best friend.
A pic from her wedding

She lives in Ogden working as a nurse and raising her cute little girl. We have tried to stay in touch over the years and see each other about once a year, but I am trying to be better at that. Nat you are great and I am so lucky that I am able to call you my friend. I am working on being a better one and hope to see you soon!

Another person that has made a big impact in my life is a boy, or rather a young man who ment a lot to me in my life at one time and taught my a lot of life lessons and a lot about myself and what it is that I wanted out of life. We will call this person Max. Max was a boy that I met online and we became fast friends talking over the phone and emailing back and forth as we lived on different ends of the state. We were able to meet during one of my summers down in Dixie and we hit if off great. We instantly thought we were in love and started to talk about the future right away. Little did I know that this boy would take me and my heart on a long roller coaster with more down hills than up. To make a long story short, we dated and broke up more times in a 12 month period than more people ever should. During one break up he got married, I know, hard to believe, but I felt bad and took him back after his divorce... But even through all of this I learned a very important lesson, never, never, NEVER settle for anything less just because it seems good at the time. I thought at the time that I could change for him and be happy with the person I was when I was with him, but after a lot of heartache and long talks with some good friends I realized that it just wasnt ment to be. I said goodbye to this boy named Max, and tried to end it on a good note. I ended up mailing him a letter thanking him for the relationship that we had had together and telling him that I hoped he would be able to find something in life to make him happy. It was hard to end but I knew in the end that it was for the best. Max helped me to become a better personal advocate for myself and never settle for less. Thank you Max.

I have two great friends that I met at my previous job that have been there for me the past few years. We have shared love, laughter, tears, and joys together. We can talk about anything and loved sitting on the grass on a work break and talking about nothing in particular, just enjoyed being together. They were with my when I feel in love and had my heart broken more than once. They were there to pick up the pieces and tell me that it would get better and there was someone else out there for me that was much better and really truely deserved my love. They helped me plan my wedding and were there with my through it all. Sadly I dont see them as often anymore as I now work elsewhere, but I try to keep in touch. These two sisters mean so much to me and I hope that they know how much they have helped me in my life. I cant wait to get together with them again soon and continue making great memories. Megan and Hannah are the best around!!

I had a roommate right before I got married that was a lifesaver for me. She helped me through it all, getting through dreadful classes, dealing with stupid boys, and so much more. She was a great listener and knew when to offer advice and when to listen. I dont know what I would have done without her during my last two years of college. She shared my new excitement when I met a new boy and cried with me when it didnt work out. We both recently graduated and were able to share of the joys of finally being done. She is one great lady and I hope and pray that life with work out for her and she will be able to do what she has a passion for and find a great guy to do it with her. Haleh you are GREAT!

My family is amazing. That is all I have to say. Dont know where I would be without the, today. They have been there through it all and have never doubted me. Thank you for all that you do!!!

And last but not least, the one person that has made my life absolutely great the past year and a half that I have known him. He is my best friend. He has been there through thick and thin, gave me a shoulder to cry on, wiped my tears and made me laugh. Cooked me dinner and cleaned up after, vaccumed and cleaned the house when he knows I am stressed, rubs my back when I sleep, cuddles with me on the couch and deals with a sleeping arm because he doesnt have the heart to wake me, always lets me have what I wants, loves me for me and does not want me to change. He is great and I dont really remember what life was like before I met him. Our relationship started out a bit different but as it has progressed it has been great. I wouldnt change one minute of it! I cant wait to continue to travel the world, laugh, and have a family with this man. He is my world!! I love you Andrew T Hill, you rock my world!!!