Sunday, January 18, 2009

Female mind going crazy

Sometimes I really, really, really, really hate being a female. I hate the crazy hormones that make you go up and down and high and low and not seem to be able to think straight. I really dont like the fact that females tend to worry more, especially about the little things, like if you say something off key people will totally hate you forever. I know, it sounds silly, but if you could only be inside my brain sometimes you would know exactly what I am talking about. I know that most of the time I overreact and things work out just fine, but there are those times when you just are not sure. One of my biggest problems is when it comes to people in my life that I care about and would do anything to make sure that they are happy. And then I say something a bit random and dont get a response and then my mind goes into a crazy state and wont stop. I start thinking about all of the different things they could be thinking or how I could have put it differently and basically start preparing for the worst possible situation. I am SO SICK OF IT ALL!! Please make it stop!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH How I hate my life. :(


Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

NO Good! What up ? Do you need some Ice cream?

Mindy said...

I heart you! And I understand, I have a severe case of over-analyzing. Hope today is better, hon! P.s. I know your link is wrong ... I just haven't gotten around to changing it yet. UGH! I'm a loser!

D said...

And that's why I'm so glad I'm a man :)