Saturday, January 3, 2009

I cant believe that it is 2009 already! Where has the time gone! I swear I have missed a few months somewhere in the past year. Oh well, I guess its time to start out fresh and make new goals to work on and try to be a better person. As I look back on 2008 so many good things happened that have made my life better. Here are just a few of them.
1. I got to work at EFY again and I made so many new friends
2. Not one or two, but THREE of my brothers joined the Marines ( I know it should be sad but I am really proud of them for what they are doing.)
3. I moved into a new apartment in August and my roommates are amazing
4. I found out I am alot closer to graduating than I thought
5. I was able to connect with old friends that mean alot to me
6. I met an amazing guy
7. I started blogging!!!

I know these things are not crazy amazing but they all make me happy and glad to be alive and have the life I do. I hope that this year will be full of many good things and that I will be able to be a better person and do all the things that I hope to accomplish. Here is to 2009..... lets gett'er done!


Adam R. said...

Yes! I found your blog and I put it on my list. Hope you're ok with that! Love ya.

Mindy said...

Let's talk more about that guy ... :)