Thursday, October 1, 2009


I guess the word is out.... I am getting married!!! After almost 10 months of dating he popped the question. Hooray!!!!! He took me to St George for my birthday just to be able to relax and have a weekend to spend together. His original plan didnt work, we were supposed to go camping, but who knew that you had to reserve a camp site weeks in advance! Oh well. He had a back up plan no worries. He had asked me a few months ago for pics of us throughout the months that we had been dating, from all of the places that we had been together. He took those pics and made what I call a Man's scrapbook. He put pics on pages and then wrote about them, he even used stickers!! I love it!! Anywho, so on Friday night we decided to grab some ice cream and head up to airport road, or as my cousin calls it, "Make out road" and just talk and enjoy the view and eachothers company. He made an excuse about needing to bring water so he could bring his backpack. Little did I know that there was something else in there that I would like.
Once we had finished our ice cream he asked me if I wanted my birthday present. I told him of course!!! I had told myself not to expect a ring just so in case it didnt happen I would not be disappointed. So he pulls out a red book with a pic of us on the front and handed it to me. I was taken back but at the same time not disappointed. I went through the pages enjoying the pics and the trip down memory lane. As I neared the end of the book he started talking about all of the temples that we have been to together, which is a lot. As I turned the last page he said something to the extent of, "So what I am trying to say is, Brooke will you love me forever and go with me to the temple and be together for time and all eternity? Cause I know that I do and I will" Then there were the words that I was dying to hear written in the middle of the page.... Will you Marry me??? He then had please put your answer in the corresponding box, Yes, No, Maybe...... I was shocked!!! He said later that my faced showed it. I remember having to catch my breath and then turned to him and said yes and started crying. It was a great moment to remember. After I had calmed down he said that there was only one problem..... When he had went to pick up the ring the day before it was not ready as promised,.... so he didnt have it to give me, but he didnt want to wait either. He apologized but I didnt care, I was engaged to a great wonderful man!!! That was all that I cared about. We spent the next half hour laughing and taking pics and just enjoying the moment.
Throughout the rest of the weekend we relaxed and enjoyed being newly engaged. We took a trip to Vegas to do some shopping and enjoy the sun. I could not have asked for a better birthday present. It was absolutely amazing!!! We had about 6 hrs total in the car to talk about what we wanted our wedding to be like etc etc. We pretty much have a good idea of what we want, we just have to put those thoughts and wants into action. We decided on the date of Jan 22 2010 in the Oquirrah Mtn temple. We are super excited and hope that the next few months fly by!! I have to not only worry about getting through this last semester of school but also start planning a wedding. I think that it is going to be stressful at times but at the same time I am excited for it. So if anyone has any ideas for cheap but fun ideas for wedding decorations, flowers, etc, let me know!!! Hope to see you all there in 4 months!!!

PS, sorry there are no pics, I have not had time to do much the past few days, but I will post them soon, hopefully with a ring in a few of them! ;)


The Payne Family said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting! By the engagement story, he sounds very sweet. Being married is the best! Congrats again!

Nicki said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so excited for you Brooke! You will definitely have to post pictures of your ring or I will have to come stalk you at the office so I can see it. You have such a sweet guy. Keep me posted on things. I miss all of you guys!!

Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

I love it! He asked you in such a cute way! I am so happy for you. I even cryed what a baby I am. I can't wait to hear more.