Thursday, December 17, 2009

The end

Time is flying, sometimes I wonder where it all goes. I took my last final of my undergrad this week. Now I just have to finish up my internship hours and I will be an official graduate. Its nice but feels weird at the same time. I am already wondering what to do with myself at night. No homework to do or books to read for class. Crazy! But I am glad to be done.
We have about a month till the wedding and I CAN NOT WAIT!!! I just want it to be now. I am sick of not being able to see my man everyday. It is hard, but I know that in the end it will be worth it.
I cant believe that Christmas is this week, its weird, it does not feel that I have really celebrated this year, I am kind of sad. Maybe its because last year me and my roommates were closer and put up a tree and decked out our place. Not this year, I dont even talk to any of them. It makes me sad, but they all seem to busy with their own lives, which is good, but still.......
So lately I have been super emotional and I am not going to lie, I HATE IT! I cry and anything! It is getting old and fast. I feel like I cant turn on the TV or listen to a love song without getting all teary eyed and what not. I guess its good that my hormones are in order and my tear ducts are functioning but at the same time.... Oh well.
Work is going ok, I am transfering to another office come the beginning of the year and I am looking forward to the change. I have gotten really sick of alot of people that I work with. Some of them are on their last string as far as my patience goes with them. Dont worry, I am trying my hardest to get along with them, but sometimes people are just plan stupid and annoying. I am not sure if they really have any friends. But that is not my place to judge..... moving on..
I hope you all have a great holiday and stay safe. IF you want a wedding announcement let me know ASAP. We are hoping to have them out in the next two weeks.

* A cute pic from goggle to put us all in the holiday spirit!

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