Saturday, October 9, 2010

(Picture found online from, if you like cupcakes, you should totally check out her site! I am in LOVE with it!)

I totally went and bought this today. It was my favorite as a little girl. I LOVE the music!! Sadly all of the good stuff is on the Blue ray discs but all the same, I can still watch the original movie and sing along! What a great way to spend a Saturday, watching my favorite childhood movie, doing laundry, making choc chip cookies and just relaxing!! Love it!!

I promise to update about our life soon, not that anyone cares what goes on, but I need to have something to show our kids one day! ;) lol

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Jessica and Reecey said...

SO, SO, SO jealous!!! I have been heavily hinting at Reece to get it for me, but to no avail.