Sunday, February 7, 2010

And the day was perfect!!!!

We did it. We got married!!! The day was great, it went by super fast and I wouldn't mind reliving it again. A lot of people that I talk to say that you dont remember much about your wedding day, that it is all a blur and you only have pics to remember the details. Well I would say that is partially true for me. I remember most everything except for some of the reception. Granted it only happened two weeks ago, but still. The day was great, there was supposed to be a big storm that happened that day so we all prayed hard that the weather would work in our favor. And we were blessed. When we came out of the temple it was windy and cold but there was no snow and rain. We were able to get some good pics, I lasted for about an hour and a half and then my photographer made me stop and get inside and get warm.

When we headed over to get ready for the reception the weather started to not like us and it was raining and hailing and who knows what else. Near the end of the reception people were telling us that they had a hard time getting up the hill to the church bc of all the snow. By the time we left, around 945 or so, we had a good 3 or so inches of snow on our car. The weather was bad enough that no one could decorate our car! HAHAHAHA.

All in all the day was great and we were exhausted by the time we got to our hotel in SLC. My parents bought us the room in a little place called the Armstrong Inn. We stayed in the May room and it was small and cozy but nice and super cute. Sadly I did not take any pics, but I am sure we will go back one day.
We were able to take a short honeymoon and spend a couple of nights in St George and Las Vegas and then we had to come home and move into our new place. We loved being able to spend a whole week together without having to worry about work or anything like that. It was really hard to go back to the real world of working nad being responsible. But life must go on. We decided that we are going to take off one weekend a month and either take a mini trip somewhere close or just stay home and be together.

Here are some of the pics from the day. We didnt take a ton on our honeymoon, but I will post the few when I can find my camera cord, it is buried somewhere in a box. Oh the joys of moving!! Thanks to all of those who helped and came to share our special day with us. We love you all!!!
Mrs Hill! ;)
P.S. If you want to see more pics I posted them on facebook!


Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

oh happy day! I am so happy for you and was excited to be there and see you so happy too. I hope life has hit you to hard sence you have been home. When you are done moving and more setteled in we need to do lunch.

Nicki said...

Congratulations!! I'm sad that I didn't make it to your reception, but I couldn't remember when it was or anything. I hope that all is well and I miss you!

Mindy said...

Sorry I wasn't there, hon. I was thinking of you. A mixture of worrying about the weather and the long drive and some back problems I have and the long drive detered me. :( Love you!

Becca said...

It was a perfect day. Thanks for letting us be a part of it!!

Barbara Bakes said...

Congratulations! It looks like you had so much fun! Your cake is gorgeous!

*Alexa Taylor-Jay** said...

wow brooke you are so so beautiful!! looks perfect :) i'm so happy for you!! miss you terribly :)

Amber Lenora said...

you are married!!!! Congrats!!!!