Sunday, February 13, 2011

A year and then some

January 22, 2010. The BEST day of my life!!!!
I got to marry this guy:


Surround by these people:

And got to party the night away in this:

Life could not get much better, or so I thought. It has been a year and life keeps going and is full of surprises. We have had our ups and downs and been mad and happy, but we still love eachother. We took a week off and just spent time with us. We went to Sundance, Vegas, and St George. We had way too much fun, got little sleep, spent time with friends and probably spent a little too much money. But it was well worth it. I love being married and cant believe that it has already been a year. Cant wait for a million more!!!
* I have tons of pics from the trip but I am too lazy to post them all, hopefully one day soon I will get the motivation to do it and write about it. But until then they are all on facebook.

I love this man!!!!

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Alysha said...

Yay for marriage! Congratulations on a year!