Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Still here

So for those of you who check my blog, I promise that we are still alive, I just havent been able to post in a while. We moved at the end of September and decided to save money and not get internet. It was both a good and bad decision.
Nothing much has been going on at the Hill house, lots of work, a few small trips, and some play thrown in when we have some time and energy. I have at least a good 400 plus pictures to upload, maybe one day soon I will be able to do that.
For now we are waiting for spring and cant wait to enjoy the sun!
Until next time......
A picture to look forward to courtesy of Google. Oh how I love google!

1 comment:

Matt, Nat & Hallie said...

I still read your blog keep the posts coming I wondered if you were alive...I know I always wonder if people even read what I post so now you know so I don't feel like a blog stalker