Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekends are fantastic!!! I love that all week we work hard at school and work and then Friday night comes and all of the cares go away for a few short days and it is time to play and enjoy having fun and making memories.
The weather this weekend was fabulous so Andrew and I decided to give my parents a break and take the kids for a bit. We decided to go miniture golfing. How hard could that be??? Man who knew that little kids were so good at things like this??? But it was super fun and I am already counting down the days till next weekend..... only 5 more to go!!!

Here are a few pics from our adventures, we look amazing I know! ;)

Toriann trying to make a hole in one....

Not sure what she was doing here. What a goof!

It was a bit sunny.....

Pretty sure he won..... what a punk!

She kept it entertaining

Dont think she was too happy there...

So she does have a head I promise!

The cute score keeper! Pretty sure I like this boy!

Getting ready to win it all! ;)

What will the next warm day bring????

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