Saturday, March 14, 2009

NO Motivation

So I have been working my hind end off this week trying to get everything done so that when I go on vacation next week I dont have stress about homework the whole time and be able to relax and have a good time. I have worked hard, every single night I have worked on something for a different class. Most of the things I have been working on are papers, busy work if you ask me. I mean really, am I ever going to benefit on writing a paper about the emerging diseases in Africa? I dont think so..... It is now Saturday, my big day to get everything done, and here it is, 1030 in the morning and I have absolutely no motivation what so ever to do anything that has to do with school. My brain feels like it is a puddle of mushy oatmeal and my eyes are so sick of staring at a computer screen they are starting to ache. I dont know if I will make it..... I hope so cause I want to enjoy my vacation!!! AHHHHHH!!! Ok now that I am done complaining I must get back to work. Too bad homework isnt as easy as blogging, man, I would be so good at that! ;) LOL. Everyone go out and enjoy the nice weather for me, I am stuck indoors. :( Boo.

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Becca said...

You can do it Brooke! Where are you going on your vacation? I can't wait to hear all about it! Have FUN!!!